“Cook the Mountain” - The nature around you

By Norbert Niederkofler


I have been living the Cook the Mountain philosophy with every fibre of my being for many years. Now I have made it to the next step.
With my new book, “Cook the Mountain” – The nature around you, I want to motivate people to become
part of this harmony that exists between nature, culture and food.

It is a book for all those who want to join me in diving into the world of sustainable, regional and seasonal cooking.
A book for all those who appreciate nature and want to get newly inspired by this philosophy.

This book consists of two volumes: the first shows breathtaking photos. Untouched landscapes, striking portraits of workers, agricultural progress, fascinating food photography – in short, it is South Tyrol depicted in 350 images over 396 pages.
The fitting coffee table book format shows the most beautiful places of my home in the best possible way.
The second volume contains 60 of my best recipes divided into the four seasons to reflect the concept of Cook the Mountain in the perfect way.


Furthermore, the whole book is entirely printed on apple paper. Through the reuse of this kind of material, which is usually thrown away, the book once again represents my philosophy of sustainability.

Buy your edition of “Cook the Mountain” – The nature around you now with hand-signed cardboard packaging and hand-signed postcard.